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Pawsitive Friendships
Who We Are

Who We Are

We support individuals with special needs by using the special bond of pets to help them reach their full potential.

Our approach goes beyond companionship, focusing on personal development, building confidence, and opening up new opportunities through the unique connection between people and pets.

Individuals with special needs served every year.

Pets with handlers supporting individuals with special needs.

Facility Partners.

Why Pawsitive Friendships?

Our programs involve trained pets and volunteers working together to help individuals with special needs. These teams operate in various settings, using the natural, non-judgmental presence of animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, birds, and horses to improve outcomes.

Pawsitive Friendship Improves:

Motor Skills
Sensory Processing
Emotional Regulation
Social Participation
Balance & Coordination
Visual Processing
Motor Planning
Executive Functioning


of surveyed parents stated that they see a positive change in behavior or attitude when their child has pet assistance.

Hello, I'm Tosha

Working with my son, who is on the Autism spectrum, I discovered incredible progress in his skill development with our French bulldog, Zoe, by his side. This experience opened my eyes to the powerful impact a pet could have on achieving his therapy goals like never before.

I realized that if my child could smile, enjoy therapy, and build his confidence—all with a pet’s help—then there must be other parents who would love for their children to have that same opportunity.

Tosha and Son

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