Animals Helping individuals with Special needs achieve their therapy goals

Serving Maricopa and Pima County, Arizona


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Our Mission

Our therapy teams provide goalorientated animal therapy to individuals with special needs in an educational, clinical and day program settings. We work hand in and with the facilities to develop a custom program to meet the goals for their clients.

Our program has proven to increase social skills, communication, motivation, fine and gross motor skills, selfregulation as well as decrease anxiety

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It is my desire to provide an avenue for individuals to help others in such a way that not only is the recipient grateful, but the volunteer is grateful for the experience. When I founded Pawsitive Friendships in 2014, I knew I could not be master of ALL. I began to reach out to individuals for assistance. Since then, I have been very blessed to have so many people willing to offer their expertise and time to our organization. Not every volunteer is a Pet Therapy Team and not every volunteer is seen, but EVERY volunteer plays an important role in making our organization successful.

Consider volunteering . . .  you never know how much of an impact you can make!

Tosha – Founder and CEO

Therapy Teams

Our wide variety of therapy animals provides unconditional love and support to individuals with special needs. They are helping to motivate and encourage them to achieve their individual goals in schools, clinics, and adult day programs.  


When working with my son, who was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, I was
Stunned that he started thriving when doing his therapy exercises with our dog, Zoe, a French Bulldog.

With Zoe by his side, he started achieving therapy goals like never before. Pet therapy then became my passion as I realized it was a tool to help my child succeed

I realized that if my child can smile, enjoy therapy, and build his confidence – all with the help of a pet –  that there must be other mothers and fathers who would love for their child to be given that same opportunity

-Tosha Tharp, Founder, Pawsitive Friendships