School Based Program
Our school-based program works with teachers to help the children work on their IEP goals in small groups. Our therapy teams visit the classroom either weekly or monthly, based on need.
Here are some example on how we work in the classroom:

Behavioral-Motivation & Compliance
  • Having the dog “hold” pieces to a puzzle
  • Teaching the dog how to complete a task.
  • Positive reinforcement – after you complete task “A” you get to pet the dog.
  • Playing a game with the dog (taking turns)
  • Discuss how animals may feel in certain situations and relate it back to them
  • Understanding the animals body language
Speech / Reading / Math
  • Answering questions appropriately (what color is the dog? Are they big or small?)
  • Signal and/or verbal commands
  • Practice reading and articulation
Physical - Fine & Gross Motor
  • Using play-doh to model a dog
  • Drawing or coloring a picture of the dog/their paws
  • Clipping on the dog’s leash on