Mission Statement
Our Mission
We help children with special needs who are not engaging, complying, or progressing in their therapy by providing Animal Assisted Therapy, thereby supporting and encouraging the kids through the unconditional love of an animal-human friendship.
We believe that working hand-in-hand with the children's therapists, aids and teachers in school and clinics, our animals can encourage the children to achieve their therapy goals.
Our Vision
To strengthen the skill sets of children with special needs, giving them the confidence, they need to achieve their personal goals. To help them, with the assistance of animals, develop both physically and socially, and to improve in the areas of emotional self-regulation and motivation.
Our Values
Teamwork, Compassion, Integrity
Our intent is to work together with each child, family and therapist or school to help that child succeed. Our intent is to ensure that each child feels safe, loved and cared for. Our intent is to hold ourselves to the highest ethical, moral and professional standards as we adhere to the values of teamwork, compassion and integrity.